A matter of having offender charged

As a matter of having offender charged in implication thereto, by which of meanings, all enforced on legislative conduct given by enquiry official to likely be legally scrutinized as the code of laws, in accordance with the criminal case, in section of 52, on which has been improvised as texted in writing to that ?Any offenders appearing before the enquiry official, due to investigative, or any other relevant matters. Such the conduct of the criminal case, there by any prescriptions issued by enquiry official, in which is classified into this below 3 primary executions.

1 A primary scrutinization of the enquiry official.

2. A preliminary arraignment.

3. A legal examination to the court.

In regarded with legislative proceeding laws or specifically processed for their authority to be said in the fact that any kind of stages on compulsory process so the enquiry official could make subpoena themselves without requesting and approved from the court; appearing before the enquiry official concerning with the investigating cases, and have rights to call the offender away or even, the oral evidence regarding the criminal case accordingly a kind of the exact matter found any offender or transgressors are ordered to appear before the enquiry official, not getting though them nevertheless, there rights shall be made for the subpoena hence even a section of the criminal case indicated for 66 based quotation two in which of the criminal case determination improvise that any following reasons on proven as follows: suppose if the offender haven?t got any dominate residences and/or any disappearing of the execution without any self-defense shall be appropriate likely as, those excused, aren?t in participation of possibility. Anyway in case of any self-defense is found such as those are in hospital, will not be judged for the escape as a result, there is no rights to request a subpoena for their appearing before.
Therefore, in case of being ordered for the criminal cases, and those are inconvenient to get an appointment. Kindly please be advised to contract the enquiry official, whose the criminal case is processed, according to the contact list to appear on the further date, or even their suggestion shall be likely kept in touch with the lawyer for consulting or advising to keep up the sake of the criminal case.